Neyland Community School - Additional Learning Needs

Neyland Community School is a fully inclusive school providing education for learners, regardless of their individual needs as pupils and learners.

Due to first-hand knowledge and experience of specific children class teachers are usually in the best position to support your child with the learning tools and strategies needed to succeed. However, should you feel further advice and support is needed or you require information relating to specialist services available then please contact Mr Griffiths, who is the school's ALNco (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator)

As part of our inclusive school, we offer a variety of support mechanisms within the school and with external agencies:

  • Access to Dyslexia Screening tools and support
  • Referral on to school provision such as ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)
  • Behaviour Support or Nurture Provision
  • Support from the Pembrokeshire County Council Inclusion Service
  • TAF (Team Around The Family)
  • Parent Partnership

ALN Process/ Statutory Reform

You may wish to access more information in regard to the ALN processes and

ALN Statutory Reform. Please see the links below:

Additional learning needs ALN transformation programme
ALN Frequently asked questions
ALN Factsheet: How will the Act affect children, young people and parent/carers


Autism Toolbox - A wealth of free resources to support autistic learners and their families
Autistica - A free app to help children struggling with anxiety

Social Skills and Emotional Wellbeing

Go BoardMaker - Printable activities for children
Child Mind - A useful resource for children's mental health information
Psych Central - phrases-to-calm-an-anxious-child


Chatter Pack - Free resources to support children with ADHD and Autism, which includes workbooks about emotions and transition

Speech and Language

Speech and language therapy toolkit - A range of support, activities and printable resources to help children with their speech

Resources- Free or small cost

FREE resources
Separation anxiety
My safe place